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Here's a list of all of our currently active contributors. If you wish, have a general message, press release, idea or request for review, then the easiest way of getting in touch with us is to use the form at the bottom of this page! Click on our names to find out what we've all been enjoying lately as we all like different things.

Kate Goodacre (editor, covers Manchester, Liverpool and occasionally London)

Manchester, Liverpool and the North West
Tristan Burke
Shaun Curran
Pete Ford
Harry Garne
Ste Grindrod
Charlotte Gush
Malcolm Mathieson
Steven Oldham
Benjamin Thomas
Dan Trotman
Steve Welch

London and the South East
Holly Arrowsmith
Martina Booth
Will Bugler
Andy Fairclough
Simon Garner
Tom Harrison
Gemma Hunter
Tom Jagger
Catriona Mole
Chris Park
Andy Porter
Alexia Rogers-Wright
Arj Singh
Owen Tonks
Georgie Veitch
Ceri Williams
Rowan Woods

Yorkshire and the Humber
Hannah Bayfield
Dan Feeney

The World Service
Catherine Bolsover

Past contributors: Daniel Calder, Lellie Campbell, Duncan Cheung, James Clark, Sean Dagan Wood, Ruth Emmett, Eddy Hogg, Tom O'Brien, Sophie Parkes, Andy Parry, Mary Pollard, Chris Richards, Ed Rollason, Megan Vaughan, Neil Waterman, Mike Woodward

With special thanks to everyone who's helped us establish the good ship Motel - all the bands and artists we've put on since 2007, Manc writers, promoters and enthusiasts such as High Voltage, Popcult, Manchester Music and Same Teens included, everyone who we harangued into contributing to our annual print Review Of The Years, and anyone who gives a shit about music and art that has something to say.

Oh, and I suppose we should thank the gnome, really. The misanthropic little git.

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