Introduction To The Fugitive Motel

How it started...
The Fugitive Motel was founded in summer 2006 by around fifteen writers, photographers and illustrators. The group, led by editor Kate, came together because music had affected them deeply at some point in their lives. The website was launched in March 2007 with a fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation in central Manchester. One-off events in June and October 2007 (the latter a co-promotion with Elah Valley) followed - we ran out of money to continue on a regular basis. The geographical spread of contributors has shifted and, as well as Manchester, currently includes London, Cheshire, Brighton, Reading and Sheffield.

Since 2007, we have produced an annual Review Of The Year with a limited print run of 200 copies, distributed in record stores, cafes and independently-minded establishments across the UK.

How we work together
The Fugitive Motel is a collective. We try and take decisions together where possible, and listen to what each other has to say. Ultimately, the editor takes the final decision, but you can't do that without listening to what your contributors, collaborators, friends and readers have to say - that would lead to disaster!

Each of us has different experiences and a different perspective on life, and, often, where there's a gap in our thinking or we're stuck for ideas, somebody steps in to fill the gap or come up with a masterplan.

All Fugitive Motel contributors have full-time jobs and are volunteers, the editor included. At the moment, the site is - financially at least - a non-profit venture. Kate supposes it would be churlish to ignore the fact that we get the creative benefit of writing, design and photographic experience whilst greatly enhancing our shared love of music.

Our editorial policy
You may find that reading this site, one person really loves a particular artist, whereas another hates them. The core of our editorial policy is that each contributor is entitled to their personal opinion. There is no 'house' editorial opinion on any artist. Past glories, advertising budgets, angular haircuts, pork-pie hats, being a gobshite, or the opinions of other contributors, including the editor, mean little. Each and every time a Motel contributor hears a track by a musician or goes to see one live, it is judged totally on its merits. Generally, we tend to review things that we like more, but that's because we're most enthusiastic about the things we like.

The freedom of the Motel's contributors to report on and adore/hate what they like within the bounds of relatively reasoned, articulate opinion, media law and general journalistic and broadcasting ethics (in addition to our own individual moral pillars) is really, really important. Nobody should ever have to feel like they have to offer an altered opinion because money or an editor or a lover or the 'market' tells them to. People are going to (and should!) believe what they want to in the long run anyway. But we at least hope you're entertained and informed and that our coverage encourages you to explore more!

Getting in touch with us
There is a contact form on the 'Contact Us' page. This is generally the best way of getting hold of Kate or one of the other senior contributors. If you haven't sent music to us before, we prefer to receive our music digitally because of the vast geographical spread of our contributors (plus it's better for the environment and your stamp budgets). We use Soundcloud (username: thefugitivemotel), and YouSend It. We may be able to facilitate your own file uploading system if you tell us a little bit about how it works.

We do, however, still take physical promos if this is your preferred method of service or you have something really beautiful that you want to show off.

The only rule we have concerning live coverage is that we will never knowingly accept invites to pay-to-play gigs. This website fundamentally disagrees with the notion of pay-to-play - you wouldn't charge a plumber a hundred pounds to fix your leaky pipes, would you?

We are also available on the following:
MySpace: (Rarely used)
Twitter: @fugitivemotel
Google+: The Fugitive Motel Google+ page

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