About Us

Welcome, one and all, to The Fugitive Motel. Named after the most lovely song by the most lovely band, we're a rag-tag collective of writers, photographers, designers and creative people who've all got one thing in common - we came together in mid-2006 because we wanted to communicate about the things we loved and we couldn't find many places to do it.

So, what gets us excited? As is probably apparent, music is one of the things that bought us all together. Instead of sitting around in a pub or a café arguing about it, we decided we'd sit in a pub or a café and argue how we were going to project our enthusiasm about it instead. We hope that our love for a good beat and a killer chorus shines through in everything we write. We give songs marks out of six, like they used to do ice-skating, because we got bored of giving them marks out of five.

We like travelling too - even if it's just to somewhere else in the UK. We like the idea of getting out in the fresh air, especially if it's down to the coast or out to the countryside for a day. One of our number even has a genuine VW camper van for this end. Occasionally - when we've not had enough fresh air - we lock ourselves away from the world and photoshop pictures of a garden gnome that once belonged to Jim Noir into a variety of exotic locations.

And finally, we write about anything we care deeply about. Some of us care about the green sector, some of us about ethical enterprises and promoting small businesses. Some of us get very excited about life-long education and open-source software. Most of us care about tea. A small but vocal percentage of our number are still lamenting the sad decline of the cassette tape. Whatever it is, if we think you should know about it because, in our eyes, it's important, you'll find it here.

You're welcome to stay for as long as you like.