The Subways press shot © Tom Oldham

The Subways – ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

The Subways press shot © Tom Oldham

The Subways press shot © Tom Oldham

The Subways - 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' (Cooking Vinyl)
May 7, 2012

Another snappy, rock ‘n’ roll explosion from indie-rock threesome The Subways. Did we expect anything less? Every tune these guys release equals loud and raucous perfection. Classic examples from days past include, 'We Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time', breakthrough hit 'Oh Yeah' and, of course 'Rock & Roll Queen', which had teens across the country moshing like crazy and reaching for the eyeliner.

This group have undeniably got shedloads of determination and they’ve clawed their way to success. Vocalist Charlotte Cooper relentlessly sent demo after demo, year after year to Glasto’s Emily Eavis pleading for a spot at the fest. Come Glastonbury 2003, they were rocking out on the Emerging Talent stage.

This grit still comes through in their music today, as every other word is yelled over Josh Morgan thumping away on the drums. Former couple Charlotte and Billy (Lunn) sing about the girl you love to hate. You wonder why anyone gives this gal the time of day when the lyrics proclaim her as such a soul-sucking devil - but some guys like that sort of thing.

The Subways' formulaic rock never fails, but is it just too predictable? 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is fun, but maybe they could surprise us for once. Their simple formula has served them well - but perhaps it’s time for the teen-angst trio to branch out. They should never lose their spirit or energy, but after almost a decade in the business, we need a little something extra.

words: Gemma Hunter