About A Girl

About A Girl

Little Comets - 'Jennifer' (Dirty Hit Ltd)
June 11, 2012

Newcastle indie trio Little Comets are masters of the feel-good track and 'Jennifer', fresh from their new EP Jennifer and Other Short Stories, is no exception.

As with many bands, these guys love singing about girls. From their back catalogue ('Joanna', 'Her Black Eyes), there’s no doubting that women are a prime source of inspiration. Although in poor Jenny’s case, vocalist Robert Coles dedicates this track to a relationship that’s on the rocks, as he chants "# It’s a shame that I don’t love you better/It was always going to end like this #."

Fittingly, Little Comets play a headline tour in October ('One Night In October', get it?) kicking off at The Ritz in Manchester on the 16th, and rounding up at London’s Koko on November 1. What a great way to brighten up a dark winter evening – dancing to the euphoric pop that Little Comets can’t help but release?

If it’s complexity you’re after, they're not a band for you. But if you want a catchy chorus and a guitar riff to bop along to and feel your worries drift away, they are your boys.

words: Gemma Hunter