Pushing the Borders

Pushing the Borders

Feeder - 'Borders' (Big Teeth Music)
January 30, 2012

Feeder are back with snappy new single 'Borders', and it's refreshing to hear them push the tempo after previous dreary releases that had us reaching for the off switch.

This is an upbeat, catchy number, and it's almost mosh-able. Its not quite Echo Park standard - and it would thankfully be out of place on Comfort in Sound - but here, we see the band return to the top tunes we knew they were capable of.

In typical Feeder fashion, Grant Nicholas sings about a girl who's "# always trying to work it out... Jessie, are you gonna leave town? #" (Well, we suspect Jessie won't be going anywhere if this is playing). We're treated to an almost pop-punk vibe in places, a song that you could quite easily imagine on the American Reunion soundtrack.

So if you've given up on Feeder, give this a bash and it might just remind you how you felt hearing 'Buck Rogers' for the first time and deciding they were your new favourite band.

words: Gemma Hunter

Feeder release their tenth studio album Generation Freakshow on April 23. They play sold-out shows at Koko in London (January 31), Kasbah, Coventry (February 2) and the Ironworks, Inverness (3).