FAYE press shot

FAYE – ‘Water Against the Rocks’

FAYE press shot
FAYE - 'Water Against the Rocks' (Best Fit Recordings)
June 25, 2012 (digital), July 16 (physical)

The words "Scandinavian pop" are akin to a fire alarm at The Fugitive Motel. The editor drops everything immediately and escapes to listen! Emails along such lines (well, those containing genuine pop songs of a northern European origin, of course) get bumped to the top of our increasingly congested inbox! And every so often, something of incredible quality woos selected writers' listening tubes as a result. To get to the point, Best Fit Recordings have struck pop gold with this track from FAYE on only their third release.

'Water Against the Rocks' contains a number of elements that could prove disastrous if not employed responsibily, (cf. vocoder, drum machine). However, some top-notch production from Montauk puts pay to any concerns. FAYE herself belts out the notes with the same emotion and confidence as Robyn (lest we forget, the unsurpassed first lady of Scandipop) and her range is in-cred-ible. The breakdown will make your heart soar. This is precious, I tell you. More like this, please!

words: Kate Goodacre

FAYE plays at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London on Wednesday, June 27.