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Eyes For Some Noise

hawk eyes press shot
Hawk Eyes - Mindhammer EP (Brew Records)
December 12, 2011

Leeds fourpiece Hawk Eyes return with their first release under their new name, having had to discard Chickenhawk due to copyright issues. It’s a fine statement of intent as the band move onwards and upwards.

Side one comes hurtling through the stereo with opener 'Crack Another One', a frantic, fast paced explosion of power chords and vocals delivered with extreme urgency by Paul Astick. As the chorus lifts off, his delivery takes on a fury that grabs you by the throat. The same elements come to the fore throughout 'Mindhammers' and 'Dead Man’s Hand', which complete side one of the EP leaving you with a feeling of continuity from previous releases. At the same time, you can't help but admire the band’s ability to put together watertight studio arrangements that still pack a massive punch.

Side two takes an experimental turn - although initially it’s not one for the better, as 'Eleven Years' veers off into the kind of turgid Trans-Atlantic hard rock that the band normally steer clear from - save for some entertaining effects pedal gyrations at the end. Sprawling closer 'Hidden Hound' is much more intriguing however as it ebbs and flows through a feedback infused haze of lazy-paced noise. It leaves a sense of anticipation as to what Hawk Eyes will come up with when a full length offering arrives later this year.

words: Steve Welch

Hawk Eyes release their new album Ideas on March 26 through Fierce Panda.