Alt-J press shot © Danny Payne

Alt-J to Young British Artists – Motelvision 2012’s songs that got away…

Alt-J press shot © Danny Payne
Ah, sweet Fugitive Motel readers. You've doubtless caught up on all the almost-thrilling results of Motelvision 2012's second round. (If you haven't, then shame on you! Feast your vision holes right here).

Hold your horses, there's more, because the Motel's electoral college had plenty to say about the tracks that didn't quite make the cut. The good news for all involved is that no song suffered the indignity of finishing with no points this year.

So without any of Shakespeare's fabled 'ado', here's how the rest were ranked - along with the best of the praise and the snark that landed in the Fugitive Motel's electronic postbox during the voting period...

Alabama Shakes press shot
17= Alabama Shakes - 'Hold On'
"It's the irresistible bassline, I couldn't not keep this one in." - Hannah
"I get it, she has one hell of a voice." - Simon

17= Alt-J - 'Something Good'
"As for Alt-J, or ∆, as I suppose I should put, I have nothing bad to say about them. Apart from the fact I have nothing good to say about them. Which can sometimes be pretty bad." - Hannah
"No Alt-J, which I feel terrible about, but if it was pretty much any other song off the album it would have bagged a hatful." - Harry
"Meh-cury Prize. Okay, but sadly not remarkable enough to make the cut for me." - Kate

17= Olafur Arnalds - 'Endalaus II'
"Really, really, really good. Just didn't sound like a single." - Simon
"Slowly, beautifully building contemporary classical music will always pull me in. I could have picked pretty much anything released by the wonderful Erased Tapes label, but this track probably best captures what I love about their output." - Dan F

17= Young British Artists - 'Everything In Front of You'
"Gotta love a bit of YBAs!" - Hannah
"Great recording artists, and not in the ITV singing show sense." - Kate
"This band will never ever not be brilliant. This is yet another slice in intelligent, driving slacker-pop. If YBAs don't end up being huge soon, then I am going to lose all faith in music." - Dan F

21. Linkin Park - 'Burn It Down'
"Their presence was always likely to provoke some sort of reaction, but then I listened to the song... [the] product of an already quite derivative outfit completely giving up on creativity, saying nothing new, and being content to sit back and count the money... just terrible." - Steve W [Executive summary of a longer and highly-entertaining rant]
"Er, by the way, LINKIN PARK?!?" - Arj
"Even by their standards, just no." - Simon

FAYE press shot
22. FAYE - 'Water Against the Rocks'
"Musically it's not a bad piece of ambient pop music, but the lyrics are abysmal, it's like they got an X Factor-phile teenage girl to write a metaphorical commentary on an episode of Hollyoaks" - Steve W
"I would comment on FAYE, but I'm afraid I fell asleep before the end of the song." - Hannah
"Not Robyn" - Simon
"Bah, you're all wrong. The breakdown still makes my heart soar. Sulk." - Kate

23. NZCA/Lines - 'Compass Points'
"Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek Pop!" - Simon

24= Deap Vally - 'Gonna Make My Own Money'
"Someone likes Southern Rock Revival." - Simon
"Er, that'd be me. Nobody else though, it appears. Damn!" - Kate

24= Money - 'So Long (Godisdead)'
"The first time I've heard it, but I can imagine liking it more and more." - Simon
Plus Ste O filed them in his Motelvision 2012 'right old guff' pile along with A Place to Bury Strangers and Dirty Projectors.

[Motelvision 2012 - Nominees Playlist]

24= Petite Noir - 'Til We Ghosts'
"Honourable mention [to a] new discovery... who I had never ever heard of before" - Dan F
"Just listen to that voice, and its creeping bleakness in counterpoint to the fidgety beauty!" - Simon
"Instantly hits you, it sounds very fresh and I love that voice, even if I wouldn't quite marry it. Yet. I am going to regret not putting this in my top ten, aren't I?" - Kate)

27. Ben Howard - 'Only Love'
"I find Ben Howard boring. But even if that weren't true I'd still say so, because my nephews copied his album for me. My nephews! Teaching me about music! I am unwilling to accept this role reversal." - Hannah
"Pretty pretty, but pretty bland - it is no 'Keep Your Head Up'." - Simon)

28= M. Ward - 'Primitive Girl'
"Maybe M. Ward is so dull as a counterbalance to Zooey Deschanel's uber-kookiness?" - Simon)

28= The Walkmen - 'Heaven'
"Underwhelming." - Hannah
"As much as I like The Walkmen, how long can they trade on one idea?" - Simon
"I fell out of love with them a bit on the basis of this album - and they're one of my favourite bands of all time. Although hearing the tracks live made me realise what a fool I was for getting a strop on about Heaven - it's nowhere near as bad an album as I first thought - I still yearn for the angsty days of 'The Rat' and 'We've Been Had' at times. This merely sounds 'pleasant' on record." - Kate
Dan F also gave them an honourable mention, although they just missed out on his top ten.

Second round summary by Kate Goodacre