I've Never Felt This Way Before

I’ve Never Felt This Way Before

Patrick Wolf - 'Time of My Life' (Mercury Records/Hideout) [re-release]
September 12, 2011

2011 has seen a bit of a fifth-album backlash against Patrick Wolf. He's lost his edge, the detractors cry - he's sold out, Lupercalia is too tame, and nowhere near as good as Lycanthropy or The Magic Position... nope. This is the sound of a man finding his feet musically and leaving behind his early learnings - which, although they were great, always sounded like he was trying just that little bit too hard. Indeed, we are not in agreement as a collective here at the Motel - which will make our annual Motelvision Song Contest especially interesting if Wolf receives a nomination.

Anyway, to more pressing matters. 'Time of My Life' is the second best thing that Patrick Wolf has ever committed to record (the first being 'The Magic Position', of course). Originally given a limited release at the end of last year, its modest string intro sets the tone for something that explodes into a joyous pop monster. The first time you hear Wolf sing that euphoric refrain of "# Hold on/ It won't be long 'til I go through this struggle #", your serotonin levels will skyrocket. And it only gets better from there, shaking your speakers 'til you're onside. The flipside contains a slightly disjointed remix from Hurts which is totally at odds with the serene original, but don't let that put you off one of the pop singles of the year.

words: Kate Goodacre

Patrick Wolf plays at Bestival on Friday, September 9. He tours with support from cocknbullkid in the autumn at Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh (October 22), Speakeasy, Belfast (23), The Ritz, Manchester (26), The Cockpit, Leeds (27), The Foundry, Sheffield (28), Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff (30), Academy 2, Oxford (31), The Old Firestation, Bournemouth (November 1), Komedia, Brighton (3) and The Roundhouse, London (4).