From the Gutter to the Stars

From the Gutter to the Stars

Sweetie Pie and the Gutter Men – An Introduction to Sweetie Pie and the Gutter Men
Wednesday August 31, 2011

Taking their name from a short story by Sylvia Plath, Sweetie Pie and the Gutter Men are a charming and exciting new London-based folk collective. Forming in the spring of 2010, this hard working six-piece wasted no time in acquiring a loyal local following. Such is the work ethic of the band; in the space of only a year, they’ve already embarked on mini-tour of the UK, taking in such lauded venues as London’s 100 Club, landed a coveted support slot with The Travelling Band and made a debut festival appearance this year at Nozstock. An Introduction to... marks an exciting step forward for the twee-tinged folk poppers, acting as the first recording milestone on the long road to musical realization.

The urgency of 'Love and Gin' is instantly infectious.  "# Remembering when I was seventeen #", sings a nostalgic Spencer Betts, reeling the listener in with tales of lost loves and hard liquor. 'Puppeteer' continues in a more dynamic vein. The drums of Gareth White and guitar of Stefan Peters build to an enthralling tempo that makes it easy to see why this has developed into a live favourite. 'Forget What Did' does well to evoke Murmur-era REM and acts as a fitting epitaph to this commendable extended play single.

Having worked tirelessly for the last year trawling London’s live music scene, it is surely only a matter of time before the Gutter Men assume their rightful mantle as alt-folk’s new sweetie pies.

words: Tom Harrison

Sweetie Pie and the Gutter Men play at The Wilmington Arms, Clerkenwell, London on September 24.