An Autumn Delight

An Autumn Delight

Veronica Falls with Waiters
The Castle Hotel, Manchester
Sunday October 23, 2011

Manchester’s Castle Hotel is already a busy place by the time local outfit Waiters take to the stage, although we are also in an enclave of relative calm in the aftermath of a certain sensational local football match.

Having seen the band a couple of times in previous years, it’s a shame that what comes next fails to land any real spark. While their resolutely lo-fi offerings gave decent entertainment in even more low key surroundings than this compact back room, you would really have expected some development beyond the series of monotone, easy paced, offerings we get here.

Bounding on a while later - after some interlopers from the blue half of Manchester have been and gone - London’s Veronica Falls waste no time in getting started. Having put out a debut record that seems to contain most of the songs they have to use, this was always likely to be a short affair and some familiar tunes come to the fore before too long; 'Stephen' and 'Beachy Head' in particular being two short but sweet pop tunes that get the now packed room tapping feet. The former is delivered with endearing sweetness, while the latter’s backing vocal line underpins a lively performance.

Having two strong singles to bring out at the back end of the set is a great help in keeping an appreciative crowd engaged, and so it proves with a smattering of cheers for 'Found Love in a Graveyard', as the opening guitar riffs build into the male/female lyrical exchanges that mark the song out for attention. As with much of the set, the overall sound is subtly different to their debut release - with the treble up and the emphasis on a jangly pop orientated approach. No-one minds at all though, as in the live arena it just serves to get everyone to dance.

'Come on Over' is a great way to finish, with a chorus that everyone would be sure to be singing all the way to the bus stop. It’s been short but sweet, and as the audience spills out into the autumn evening, Veronica Falls have done everything to satisfy them.

words: Steve Welch

Veronica Falls play Central Station, Wrexham (November 16) and ULU, London (November 17) with Dum Dum Girls. Their self-titled debut album is out now.