An All Hallows Farewell

An All Hallows Farewell

Trof Grosvenor Street, Manchester
Monday October 31, 2011

A band on their last run around the country, giving the fans one last chance to catch them before calling it a day. It sounds like something that could be profoundly depressing.

With Glasgow boys Dananananaykroyd's compulsive desire to have as much fun as possible, however, this was never likely to be the case here. Despite calling time on a short career, they remain the champions of their unique brand of party hardcore. From the moment they take to a Manchester stage for the last time, we are in for another fantastic show.

Unusually for them, they are content to let the songs speak for them for a while after taking to the stage, although both Calum Gunn and John Baillie Jr make characteristic leaps into an adoring throng at the first opportunity. Eventually though, the duo begin their highly amusing banter with the crowd and suddenly the venue is alive with a wonderfully light-hearted atmosphere at the onset of the 'Hey Everyone/Watch This' double-header.

The band work their way through the highlights of both their releases in typical fashion. The guitar work is something to behold in itself, Baillie and Gunn’s turn-taking vocal interplay highly impressive and unique. This is a band that - despite their much vaunted desire not to take themselves in any way seriously - are a seriously efficient unit.

It’s the spectacle which gives them their reputation as a band not to be missed live though. Unmistakably Glaswegian wit between songs, calls for audience participation in a variety of amusing ways, the demand for a certain etiquette to make sure everyone has a good time... all of this combines to make this a show that cannot be like any other. As an emotional Gunn works the crowd once more for the band's trademark 'Wall of Hugs', you realise that with these chaps finishing on a high, there won’t be anything like this again.

words: Steve Welch

Dananananaykroyd have finished their farewell tour and are sadly no more 🙁