Wayne Coyne, The Flaming Lips © Andy Fairclough, 2010

YouTube Disco: Flaming Lips live

Flaming Lips at Bestival, 2010 // © Andy Fairclough

The observant amongst you will have clocked that The Flaming Lips will be coming to Kate's home county of Cheshire this summer to play at the Jodrell Bank Observatory near Goostrey. There are several reasons why you must go, and these are the most important:

1) Jodrell Bank is cool. For those of you who don't know it, it's set in beautiful Cheshire countryside and has an amazing, iconic telescope named after the observatory's founder Sir Bernard Lovell. The new visitor centre should hopefully be ready for the summer too. If you watched Stargazing Live on the BBC at the turn of the year, then you'll know all of this already.
2) The Flaming Lips always always put on a good show.
3) British Sea Power, who are much loved at the Motel, are supporting them. Expect to see the boys, and one or two of the girls, losing themselves at the front when they're on.
4) When somebody asked: "Can they beam the music into space at the same time?" the owner of Live from Jodrell Bank's official Facebook page enigmatically replied: "Wait 'til you hear what they have planned!"
5) This:

words: Kate Goodacre
picture: Andy Fairclough

The Flaming Lips play at Jodrell Bank on Saturday, July 2nd, supported by British Sea Power, OK Go and Alice Gold. Tickets are available now from Ticketline.