YouTube Disco: It's the new single from Guillemots!

YouTube Disco: It’s the new single from Guillemots!

Here are some reasons why your editor likes this new video/song from Guillemots:

1. The band obviously understand the meaning of the phrase 'YouTube Disco' and are having a party in a forest. Forests are cool. We like forests. Lots of people like forests, actually, and they signed a petition about it, so it's great that they're probably not being sold off.
2. There's a glowing pine cone, a first for any video featured on the Fugitive Motel.
3. This song contains at least two superb key changes.
4. The video goes a bit loopy about three minutes in - don't get freaked out when the camera zooms down Fyfe Dangerfield's throat.
5. On that note... I'd still marry that voice.

words: Kate Goodacre

Guillemots release The Basket on April 11th through Geffen. The album Walk The River follows on April 18th. The band play four secret shows in Birmingham (April 10), London (18), Manchester (20) and Glasgow (21).