Motelvision Song Contest - Readers' Choice

Motelvision Song Contest – Readers’ Choice

The National at Green Man 2008 © Kate Goodacre

Regular Fugitive Motel Review of the Year readers will be aware of the Motelvision Song Contest, an amusing and often tempestuous annual ritual in which some or all of the site's many, many contributors duke it out to decide what the best song of the year is. This year, for the very first time, the Motel is running a readers' poll while the contributors vote. To get you in the mood, here's the list of previous winners:

2008: Laura Marling - 'Ghosts'
2009: Animal Collective - 'My Girls'
2010: The National - 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' (pictured)

And if you're not familiar with the finalists, there's a YouTube Disco widget below with all of them in alphabetical order by artist:

The poll is now closed and the results will be revealed in the forthcoming Fugitive Motel Review of the Year 2011.

Voting closes at 23.59:59 on Saturday December 31, 2011.