Your New Favourite Band!: Part 14 – Mawkin:Causley


Mawkin are an Essex dance (and we're talking old-school dance here, tradition fans) band based around the brothers Delarre and a swinging set of English tunes. Mawkin were already setting the folk festivals alight with their innovative arrangements, but their teaming up with Devon folk singer Jim Causley, of The Devil's Interval fame, has won them a BBC Folk Award nomination after the release of their debut mini-album, Cold Ruin.

For those unfamiliar with Jim Causley, you'll be amazed that someone so young can have such a mature voice, but then, in true folk singer fashion, he's been singer the songs of Devonshire since he possibly could.

This month marks the release of the outfit’s first full length album, The Awkward Recruit, on folk’s much-loved Navigator Records. The promotional shots accompanying their cover piece in fRoots magazine seems to have taken a leaf out of Morrissey’s book – with the self-proclaimed ‘greatest folk boyband in the world’ appearing in the nude. If they manage to lay their musical souls bare on the album, there’s no doubt that a folk award nomination will come a-callin’.

Together, Mawkin:Causley provide the ultimate folkie's dream - cracking tunes and a voice to give some of the oldest songs in the tradition a new interpretation.

words: Sophie Parkes

The Awkward Recruit is out this week on Navigator Records.