Your New Favourite Band!: Part 12 - Pin Me Down

Your New Favourite Band!: Part 12 – Pin Me Down

For every Gorillaz, there's a Fat Les. For every Monaco, there's The Other Two. Yes, side projects and supergroups are known for being the most hit and miss of extra-marital affairs. Yet fans of Bloc Party should prepare themselves for Russell Lissack's forthcoming date in the (musical) divorce courts, as he has for the past year been unfaithful to Kele, Matt and Gordon with a lady called Milena Mepris from New York City.

Cryptic, the first single from Pin Me Down, is the progeny of their procreation. It begins with the sound of a siren, an urgent call to the dancefloor, as her voice brings elements of 1980s pop (think Madonna and Kate Bush, she's a classic chanteuse) into the mix with his trademark post-punk guitars (more angular than a dodecahedron). Three minutes that might just change your life, making a mockery of the theory that they don't make chart toppers like they used to.

Hear it on the Kitsuné Maison 5 compilation, alongside the likes of Friendly Fires, Does It Offend You Yeah and The Teenagers, and prepare to be awestruck. To date, they have unleashed only one other track (Pretty In Pink, a tense silver screen thriller which would be at home on your average James Bond soundtrack) but the best is yet to come.

words: Benjamin Thomas