Night Of The Dancing Flame

Night Of The Dancing Flame

Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (EMI)
October 15th, 2007

Now, I've never owned a Moloko album, or any of Roisin Murphy’s previous solo work either. So it was with some surprise that I found myself literally face to face with the singer of such classic hits as Sing It Back and Indigo.

With a new label who believes in her work come new possibilities to push musical boundaries, and Roisin certainly does not disappoint. Starting with the title track Overpowered, a beautifully mixed combination of smooth vocals and enough bass to make P Diddy jealous, the album works its way through several stages of brilliance.

You Know Me Better presents an example of a song to get the night started with, all shoulder popping beats and head bobbing moments. Listening to it, I’m reminded of Let Me Love You Boy by Daft Punk, but before my mind is allowed to wander down that lane the backing 'dums' of Checkin' on Me change my palate from sweet to savoury, and I'm back.

The album takes a left turn at Movie Star to allow its patrons to breathe and reflect, and Primitive follows this trend – it’s a more minimalist sound, and a song that will most likely soundtrack nights at home alone with a glass of red wine across the country.

Dear Miami picks up the tempo, but we are only thrown back into the rhythm with Cry Baby, a song that, performed live, is up there with Crunchy Nut cereal bars for life fulfilment. It slowly builds to a tumultuous climax, using most if not all of the instruments in the electro fan’s arsenal. Take the vocals of Bowie, add Timberlake, throw in a newly single female and you have the next track. Tell Everybody isn’t bad, but a bit misplaced on this album.

All in all, this is a great attempt from Murphy. My money’s on Cry Baby for song most likely to be placed on repeat from this album. And if Overpowered doesn't increase her exposure, I shall eat my laptop.

words and pictures: Chris Richards