Your New Favourite Band!: Part 9 – Ellen Allien

I first came across the Berlin-based multi-talented vocalist and producer Ellen Allien on a compilation called Time Warp 6, assembled by the genii known to the world as Tiefschwarz. Ellen features on track 2, Down, and I still remember sticking it on and feeling the bass create ripples in the air of my cosy student let.

However, just like its place in the tracklisting of Time Warp 6, this was only the beginning. This discovery prompted me to get Orchestra of Bubbles, Ellen’s most recent album, on which she collaborates with her fellow musician and countryman Sascha Ring, better known as Apparat. Listening to Orchestra of Bubbles really does take you away - it’s like listening to the best bits of all your favourite songs while highly sedated on a bottle of red without the nasty hangover in the morning.

Her own individual work is phenomenal. Tracks such as Sehnsucht recall the simplicity of nineties club music, while Wish sounds like a cross between Madonna and Bjork in the same period. I'm the worse for taking recommendations but trust me, allow Ellen Allien time to grow.

words: Chris Richards