Watch the video to ‘Tell Me What It’s Worth’ by Lightspeed Champion

The Motel knows that three videos in a week and sod all to read is a bit of a copout, but a) we've just written a 32-page print tome, fercryin'outloud, and b) there's something a little different about this one.

Eagle-eyed viewers will, from 0:30 to about 0:33, spot a really blurry, really short girl with dark hair and a cream scarf on right at the very very back on the right-hand side walking down the street from the vicinity of an Italian restaurant. That reassuringly out-of-focus figure would be intrepid Motel first-in-command Kate deciding that being in a music video, even right at the back and not doing a lot that's out of the ordinary in comparison to others in said film clip, would be something interesting to tell her nieces and nephews in later years. It was very cold, but well worth it, and they put a lovely spread on too.

Tell Me What It's Worth is released on January 7th, 2008 through Domino Records. Lightspeed Champion's album Falling Off The Lavender Bridge finally receives its release later that month. Check the MySpace and website for details of a full headlining UK tour in February.