The Fugitive Motel Presents...Thursday June 14th, Star and Garter

The Fugitive Motel Presents…Thursday June 14th, Star and Garter

Roll up, roll up, for The Fugitive Motel's second ever showcase of live acts!

We are most proud to be presenting the three hottest live bands in Manchester right now:

This is how you get there:

We would advise that you arrive early to avoid disappointment. Not only is the venue of a limited size, but all three of these bands are absolutely sensational, and if you miss just one, you're missing out. We are very fortunate to have acquired such a mind-blowing lineup a mere four months into our existence, and it's certainly the best chance to catch them all together, all under one roof, before things go crazy.

So, Thursday June 14th, 8pm, Star and Garter. £5 in, and worth every penny. Bring your friends.

And look, they even made beautiful flyers themselves!

Lucky Star's flyer - original picture by Lula Boardman, flyer designed by Justin Addison

Modernaire's flyer - designed by Alex Barbanneau